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Thursday, May 09, 2013


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your comments. Encouraging words are always appreciated! You are also right about drag and drop so we have support for Dropbox, Google Drive and others already built in. Twitter is in the mix as well but Email integration is scheduled for a latter release.

Our biggest problem has been deciding what functions are in a first release and what to leave out. It's pretty challenging to leave so much out at this stage of our development but I don't think we are alone in this as a small start-up. Our strategy has been to develop a minimum viable set of core functions and then let our users drive additional features after launch. I guess we are following Lean principles and I hope to blog about this in the coming weeks.

I just hope our users will take the time to feedback their experiences and ideas for Bridger. I am hoping that they will, and that we are able to respond with new releases in a timely manner.

One thing that we have delivered is a very simple UX and I really hope we can avoid any set-up like the "brain" type document-network management tools you mention. So far, so good.

Thanks again for your comments and ideas. Much appreciated.

Steve Bennett


If you get a working solution together then you've solved the biggest first world problem of the internet age.

Even if others have the same idea (or read this and steal it from you) it doesn't matter if you can produce a smooth, easy to use tool and provide good customer service.

As far as dragging and dropping documents onto the app, that doesn't sound practical for your million documents. Filesystems generally are less relevant these days, even though people cling on to hefty hierarchical folder nightmares. What about skydrive/icloud/etc hooks too? What about working as a helper to standard email / msg / twitter apps? Any way you go, something that requires a lot of configuration and maintenance will fail.

I recall trying to use "brain" type document-network management tools and giving up because of the vast amounts of set up required.

Modern operating systems also have filesystem indexing that kind of does half the job you're describing but doesn't follow through on linking the search results to what you're working on. Hooking into those available indexing tools could be worthwhile though.

Looking forward to more updates, I like the 6 degrees name too.

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