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Friday, September 02, 2011


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he didn't want a relationship, but then a few days later his prolife showed up on Yahoo! Personals. I called him out on it and he gave me some lame excuse, but I knew from then on he was a player. But even then, I didn't learn my lesson later that year, I was an unwilling (unknowing, rather) participant in him cheating on his girlfriend. Some people never change. (PS he's still single and I'm happily married so you're better off without him!)


If pharmacists are pteeirtmd to with hold than a fair trade off must necessarily be the patient be pteeirtmd to order via the internet or by phone from a neighboring county or state the medications that are being withheld for what ever reason.


Big data well i heard about it and it seem really interesting and i am glad that you post some info about it,anyway it reminds me a lot of some IT services in Helsinki which is providing online backup services for some big data things for a good purpose.


This post of yours is so wrong on so many levels. 1. No cmoment on the eHarmony matching.2. If pharmacists cannot in good conscious dispense medicines, they are free to choose another business or occupation. Their religious choices may affect as much as possible only their lives and not those of the general public. The drug industry like the airline industry is highly regulated and for good reasons.3. Medical personal face discrimination? Without any specifics this is just another Catholic red herring'. 4. This Catholic militancy was predicted during the visit to America by Pope Benedict. Even then President Bush knew the republicans were going to lose the election. This is a looks like a deal between Bush and the Pope because:Where was this Catholic militancy during the Republican reign? No aggressiveness so again just politics. No concern for the unborn.Where are the ethics needed to craft a law protecting albeit rare but medically necessary abortion? Again no concern for the unborn just politics keeping abortion as a issue for the voters with no resolution. Again politics with no concern for the unborn.Why did the Pope not take issue with the do everything wrong republicans who sat around complaining but figuring out how to separate the necessary from the wrong abortions? 5. Obama aggressive? He hasn't even taken office. What about the lazy Republicans who never drafted any legislation to separate the necessary abortions from the unnecessary and evil? Again the republicans were too busy indebting this country. They were as good at fiscal conservative as they were at making progress in blocking wrongful abortion. Again no concern for the unborn, just divisive politics. 6. Talk about coercion! The Catholic and Christian churches want to conscript the government because they have failed completely at moral leadership. If the Catholic and Christian Church were successful, 80% of abortions would never occur. Why is that? This is the same failure to lead as the Church failed responding to the sexual abuse scandal. Again the Churches are blaming everybody but themselves. 7. The Land of the Free? Freedom - It's not about your freedom at all, but about your power. Power is to be able to decide something that affects others while freedom is being able to decide something which affects mostly yourself. It takes an especially convoluted and incredibly selfish and egocentric to claim that dispensing of prescriptions to others affects you more than it does others.

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