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Monday, August 22, 2011


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Does this work negative in moedrn warfare ? Because the fight mode makes us focus more on one object and making us forget the other things, like whats happening behind us and things like that. And in moedrn warfare we usually have to be alert to all the things around us. So is it a good thing with fight mode in war ?


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Vidya Prabanda vala thiyana deval apata atathhtama laba denna scientists lata hakiveema harima pudumay. Meya athi vishishta soya ganeemak. Keedenekge sihina saba venavada? Aluthma vatina de apita thilina karana Malkakulu vetha apey Sthuthiya saha Subapathum!


I was browsing through my short list of favourite blogs when I was delighted to read about the MBAnalytics on the Analyst First website - http://analystfirst.com/2011/08/23/913/cortex-mbanalytics-week-1-day-1/ . Happy to see that someone was reading the MBAnalytics but even happier with the thoughtful analysis of the course material. This is well worth a read in itself but in my view the Analyst First site is a real breath of fresh air - one that you should checkout.

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