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Monday, April 11, 2011


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I am on Dan's Mac on the circle in Indy still watiing for him to get off drill Anywho How do you approach your friends about difficult things to talk about? Well, for me, it is a person to person basis everyone is so different you have to speak to everyone with a different level of intimacy, seriousness, and understanding of their background/personality/worldview/etc. Overall, I do understand what you are saying in a small capacity. Let me explain: My brother and my sister have been feuding and my mom has been upset, because my brother did not come to Thanksgiving due to my sister being there. This killed my mom (emotionally-speaking) simply for the fact that we have a fairly close family. They were both offended, and their offenses really needed to be reconciled because they were failing to accept that each of them were wrong on a different level. This situation was not something that in my opinion was serious enough to turn family away, but it was serious to them (neither wanted to apologize, ultimately). Last week, i talked to my sister, and trying to tactfully ask her/talk with her was very difficult. I discussed the situation totally differently than i would have with Dan, with my brother, or with my mother. The point that i am making is that each person that you talk to about your to-do list, your thoughts, your feelings, your deployment is going to be different. Red, just be yourself. That is the best person to be for you. Be real, as only you know how to be. If someone cries, remember that each person is different emotionally, we handle things differently, we process things differently. But no matter how it is sliced, everyone is going to miss you and think about you every day. That is one commonality.I will write more later, Dan is coming from drill to pick me up so i must shut this computer down haven't gotten to recheck spelling, etc so forgive my quick hands that have made several mistakes!! tiff


As one of the founding mebrmes of the Stillwater Watchdogs, prior Kenel Master, I found it somewhat painful to sit through the Let's Talk Stillwater last thrusday night. A group of library supporters were passionate in their defense of the library budget. I have tried to keep an arms distance from this issue as I think city management is protecting their own and the library is just another area for them to cut. If anyone thinks the WatchDogs were to blame, they are mistaken. A very high percentage of the Watchdogs support the Library cause actively. What is so painful is that many of these people seem to be oblivious of the local government issues that should concern them as much as the library. They are just waking up to the fact that our city employee count is 40% above the national norm and worse than that, their paychecks are 40% to 100% higher than the private sector. Fiscal responsibility and prudence in government staff, starts at the local level and goes all the way to the top. I hope those who got their eyes opened that night get active and help straighten out this situation.

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