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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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Hi there. I think your stats leaves me with more work than anwasrs. I can't use it to answer simple questions like, how many people wrote something using my widget? (yes, if I use a calculator). How many people used the snapshot functionality? I can't choose a period of time and the timezone thingy jumps back to default if I reload. Really these stats suck. Almost useless. I think you should devote some hours here or offer something else to us newbies. Otherwise half of this tool is no good. /Ole

Ruby Badcoe

If data is managed correctly, information management can be done easily. Information is derived from data. Therefore, it should be organized and well-managed from the start to result in a good flow of information. Businesses must see to it that data gathered are also accurate. I guess it’s getting more dynamic now, since the practice of gathering data also includes those in mobile/ online platforms.


I like and dislike that each organisation defines information management differently.

I like it because it shows the sheer mind-boggling size of the discipline, and each organisation SHOULD focus their efforts according to their needs and aspirations.

I dislike it because there's no conformity or standard agreed practice that brings all practioners together.

I've been in places where I'd say BI was definitely excluded from the definition which was very unfortunate. I've been in places where anything IM was considered a mere subset of the Records Management programme. And now I'd say I'm in an organisation which has limited its IM efforts to enterprise content managment, collaboration, and data integration.

Nice blog to put a line in the sand.

Would you consider Knowledge Management in scope somewhere? My summary would be more on the process side to promote the codifying, linking and pushing of personal insights wherever they're required.

David Jaques-Watson

I remember one business team in an organisation was called the "Management Information" team.

One re-org later, they were renamed "Information Management".

Poor bastards never knew what hit them.

John Owens

Some great definitions.

And yes, Information management is big. Really big.

However, there is something even BIGGER, even more VITAL. Something that brings information into existence from mere data elements.

That something is Function - the whole reason why Enterprises exist.

Function is, well, life, the universe, everything!


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