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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


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Hi Andreas,Sorry for the delay! One thing is very important to know. Current reptors with charts are not automatically converted. You need to create a new chart, then the colors will be used.Keep in mind that there are no errors in the VisualizationConfig.xml file. Please let me know when if it works. You can also send me an email with your file attached (VisualizationConfig.xml). I can check the file if it works on my BI4 server.Regards,Pieter


Review by Markus Breuer for Rating: This review was wretitn by a Certfied SAP Solution Consultant for Netweaver BI 7.0 with 8 years of hands-on-exoerience with SAP BW and a total of 14 years of SAP-Experience. I bought this book to find information on the connection between SAP BW and its new front-end reporting tool BusinessObjects (BO), that is going to replace the older Business-Explorer product family, even though SAP guarantees another 7-year-support for the Business Explorer. As I have no hands-on experience with BO yet, as I have not finished this book yet, my review must necessarily be a careful one.There are 3 alternative books on the topic:(1) This book(2) Mr Hilgeforts previous book, published 1 year ago(3) A german publcation by Mr. Eggers et. al.I bought this book, because I prefer books wretitn by 1 author to books wretitn by 5 authors, and because an earlier book by Mr. Eggerson SAP BW 3.1 did contain serious errors.Mr Hilgefort writes in a clear style, and there are many pictures and hands-on-examples in his book. Therefore I do recommend it. However, dear Ingo could not resist the temptation to use a large letter type and lots of blank space, in order to maximize pages (and his income).The total price of the book is fair.If You consider buying this book, check this list :(1) Are You already an expert on SAP BW ? If not, this advanced text is not for You. There are other books for novices.(2) If Your company has not bought BO yet, study the old Business Explorer (BEx) first. BEx is better than its reputation, most customers do not know about its full functionality, and the deadline for the end of support is 7 years off.(3) Be aware, that SAP have changed their policy on SAP BW a dozen times without prior notice, that even BO may disappear overnight, andthat nicer pictures in a frontend tool are no substitute for a missing corporate strategy, defective planning of business units, or a lousySAP BW implementation. The current SAP BW-Release is something of ahybrid, caught between BW 3.5 and a future Release, that is going to overthrow the old staging process, that You must still use for external hierarchies etc. Nobody knows, how this is going to affect BO.(4) Hilgeforts next book on this topic will be published in march 2010.Any book on this topic may be out of date, before You have finished it.

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