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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


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Hi JamesI'm so happy with this news! I follow your work evadyrey more than a year, it really seem fabulous to me and you are such an inspiration to me.I'm from Argentina and my favourite period of your work is Retro Cosmic and I've never commented on here before because I don't manage this language well, and a friend is translating for me. But when I saw this, I just couldn't stand here without doing a thing and lose the opportunity to get something like this.Good Luck to everyone and although I win it or not I'll be fine just with the fact of keeping seeing your creations through this.Best wishes and happy new year!


Thanks.Haven't teamed up with any afaltifies yet because I haven't decided what I'm going to do with this website. I think I'm going to start some heavy PPC marketing in 2 weeks for practice. I heard some good reviews about NeverBlue CPA's (Click Per Action) so I'm going to practice with them. Once im an expert, then I'm going to create my own products and then do PPC marketing with those. That's the plan. I only started about 2 months ago, so I had a lot of learning to do, but I feel I caught up really fast. I actually already got some of my post on the first page of Google by just reading a ton of SEO articles and constantly learning. But PPC marketing is faster and I'm all about speed!


You have to decide how much value they are oiffreng your business. If you have the time I suggest you study the Google Adwords Learning Center . google. com/adwords/learningce. . . . Remember you are the expert in your field and you should play a significant role in the campaigns development. The PPC expert should help you understand the nuisances of the Adwords platform, avoid pitfalls and stay abreast of any changes in Adwords. You should also demand transparency from whoever you work with.


Very good point Tracy. Thanks for the comment.

I followed your link and I love the sentiment behind Ugly Research. I just wish that the Tiny Soapbox was an applet that I could attach automatically to all my online reoports and dashboards.

Commentary with your methodology would be more useful.

Tracy Allison Altman

I agree that reports accompanying data/analysis often leave much to be desired. And people can certainly mislead their audience by 'spinning' the results.

But the explanation is often as important (and influential) as the evidence itself - which is why I believe people need better tools for explaining their findings: Tools that help them present conclusions transparently, concisely, and quickly.

I'm working on models that do just that: Capture the explanation of the analytics as systematically as the analytics themselves. And I'm looking for people who want to experiment with this idea. I'm at http://www.uglyresearch.com/ or tracy@uglyresearch.com

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