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Monday, March 29, 2010


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RE: RE: Are you basing that on ahynting except a visual inspection? I would strongly disagree that the distribution looks like a log-normal. An inverse-chi-square distribution would make more sense. The random variable is the price. If one could show that the distribution of individuals' buying power in King County looks approximately like a chi-square distribution, then an inverse-chi-square would show the distribution of houses expected to be bought. The expected median price is straightforward to calculate.I'm not claiming the real estate market is driven by a random process, btw.


Nothing is going to replace Doctors and Nurses's. VA could make betetr use of its budget to hire more of both instead of trying to convince us everything is ok, its NOT! Instead of using best practices across the board each hospital is mostly left to them to run. If McDonalds can make a cheese burger taste the same through all around the world VA should. What you get and what it taste like is a real problem. Right now VA is TRYING WAY too hard to change its image without changing the Product, its not going to work.Start with the attitude of VA employees, they are there to Serve Veterans and to GIVE benefits the idea its free clinic needs to be drummed out and eradicated. Next let's address Fraud, I see TONS of people all the time trying to cheat on stuff like Travel Pay and other services. VA could save a TON on cracking down on even ATTEMPTING to defraud VA will mean a 6 month loss of ALL services, Second Attempt 1 Year, Third Attempt Ban for life. Any successful fraud would be a Ban for Life.What has VA done to Improve on the Ground Healthcare, these are the ONLY metric's that should be looked at. Your just throwing stuff up against the wall and seeing what sticks.Start by having the Claims Rep running each claim to call the Vet and tell them which way the claim is going, correct the problems before they come up, every time you mess something up it just causes 6 months to a year to correct something that should have only taken 3 min, IF SOMEONE WOULD CALL FIRST!Fire the current advisors, them telling you yes and the dumb programs coming out need to GO! The NASCAR jerk that spent a HALF MILLION on that needs to ride out on a POLE!Where is all the income for the research VA is paying for, companies are making HUGE bucks off what VA is paying for. We should get OWNERSHIP rights off of VA research dollars, put it into MORE RESEARCH!..VA needs to hire everyday Vet's not just the Privileged Few their voice should be equal to any 4 Star! Veteran's OverSite!Call me I can tell you what to do next

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