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Monday, February 01, 2010


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How crazy - more choice for web brweross, less reliable data for analytics users.Considering the most important information is sent to and can be logged by your web servers, this seems pretty pointless and will become a reason not to use Google analytics. Everyone will eventually start using other means of tracking their users and Google will no longer be able to analyse web traffic, serve the most targeted ads and make money in the same way it has before.99% of the time the data is used to enhance your browsing experience so its only the users that will suffer.

Ted Louie

Just an anecdote: at the holiday party hosted by my wife's company this last December--they're an enterprise software vendor just beginning to build an internal BI function--when asked what I did, only "analytics" or "databases" elicited any sort of recognition from any of the dozens of people I introduced myself to that night.

As for the other terms you list, I would NEVER use any of them in a conversation with the business, unless I wanted to end that conversation :-)

Your terms are, however, excellent questions to ask of candidates during job interviews.


That's actually an issue. Without an established corpus we always have to reinvent e redefine ourselves. We always need a justification to be there working because those people do some fuzzy things I do not know ...

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