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Friday, November 06, 2009


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thanks for this video but what u did not cover was cloud computing, aatculy what i think is that cloud computing is just a dream, vitrualization and hot server immigration on similar or even dissimlar hardware are not new things, the technology is if cloud computing right now require lots of work of programing and change of the way operating systems works, the funny thing is that it seems that ibm idea about mainframes is coming back again think about it !!


I don't understand sotmehing, maybe someone can explain I understand that a cloud setup can balance between servers, by that I understand that it balances things like requests and ram usage, but how is the database thing done? For example a visitor logs in to a high traffic site, it can have 1000 servers but it still needs to read the user's user/pass from one db location, right? Or maybe the different servers keeps copies of the database synchronised non-stop? How does this work^ ?

Steve Bennett

Thanks for the comment RM Company. This is just scratching the surface and over the coming years I look forward to being surprised by the innovative analytic uses that the cloud will be put to.

records management company

Wow! This post has truly enlightened me... It is very informative and clear, and really helped me understand the situation and how to deal with it :)

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