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Sunday, November 29, 2009


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RVing full-time and ended up in Springfield for a year or so due to family iseuss. So glad to find this website as the result of buying a package of seeds at the health food store (planned on sprouting with them). Am anxious to visit we were there last summer to visit the Wilder homes. Glad old buildings are being preserved and look forward to getting your catalog and growing some of your seeds in pots.I love raw honey and was interested in the previous comment about allergies I DO have allergies to some trees and have been out west since 1978 so am finding old allergies rearing their ugly heads. Will try more honey as a way of keeping some of this under control! Love the Navajo Churro sheep friends out west have a number of specialty sheep but haven't ever seen these.


>Hi Ray,Many thanks for mkanig your report available. I would be interested to know what the proportions of beginner, intermediate and advanced members are in low priced clubs? I know that some promote themselves as health clubs for 'average' or 'normal' people and intentionally have dumbbells only to a certain weight to discourage bodybuilder and more advanced types.It would also be interesting to know what the uptake of PT services is considering that PT is more of a premium service and I would assume that most low price members are, ostensibly, joining for the low prices.Keep up the good work


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