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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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I am not sure a committee needs to be foermd to get what you are looking for. If the city could just move into this century, many of these items would be addressed! I would like to see a City Calendar that is complete, literally a one stop place where I can see everything going on in my city. One that has EVERYTHING from all the meetings and events AND from all the different organizations (Chamber, Clubs, Committees, etc ). Right now you have to go to so many places to learn about everything that is going on.The sad thing is I can do this right now today in Google Calendar, why can't the city?(can this be combined with my last item) I would like to see better details on the consent agenda topics. Nothing can really be understood from the vague information provided (most people like to prepare their questions as they may not fell comfortable standing up). Agenda information should be online, where links could be provided to better understand the topics. This would be a start.The current problem is that Council Members just traditionally vote yes/NO and we JOE PUBLIC have no clue on what! Is there currently a way to ask questions, even if after a topic is voted on? and or better yet a online chat method that people can ask/submit questions if they can not be present at the meetings?If all we can do is provide a Q&A section after each Council Meeting, that may give people an outlet to resolve issues? City Website that works! easy to search! updated easily by all staff! The current one lacks all of this! Can the city institute mailing lists? that people can sign up and manage themselves? If the city had a list of mailing lists people could sign up for to stay infoermd , this would be helpful. An example would be residential areas could be infoermd of scheduled road work or, everyone could be made aware of public events, etc . -Any information that we can put online that reflects how we are spending our money (that is understandable to the layman) is helpful. That is all I can think of right now, hopefully others will have more ideas.

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