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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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Though it's tempting to call sahepdsreet risk an operational risk. If I may ask that in typical forms of operational risks there is a KRI, a workflow, or some action plans that would indicate and mitigate that very risk, but in the case of sahepdsreet risk, can we mitigate it through the conventional operational risk framework? Whereas identifying a sahepdsreet risk is a very tedious task, and on the face of it is not evident to any person who does not have the ability to look beyond numbers to make sense out of them. Plus in sahepdsreet risk there is no single event that has a high frequency but have extremely high severity. There is no single risk event that prevails, so in order to mitigate it we cannot make generic policies like in place for operational risk but have to go to micro level audit in order to mitigate it. So in essence sahepdsreet risk is a different ball game altogether, which cannot be only viewed through the glass framework of Operational Risk.

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