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Monday, October 19, 2009


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JoannaIt's always a dilhget to visit your blog. I love your concern for readers, comments and your willingness to learn from others. You said, I appreciate the comments here because I like getting to know you, I learn from the ideas and information you share, I stretch from the feedback you give me, I get new ideas for posts from the questions you ask. Wow, how might the blogosphere be different if this was the intention of bloggers.Miguel Wickerts last blog post..


I too sometimes feel it’s too late to add my two cents. Some bggloers get a whole page of comments within the same day as their post and it’s easy to feel intimidated. Who will read my comment now? Will I say what’s already been said? I love it when a blog has a feature where you can sign up to receive emails when new comments come in (like yours)because I love to read the comments as much as the blob post itself.


Thanks for the feedback Elizabeth. Much appreciated.

Love the data vs. dogma blog!


Nice movie. To me, it highlights the difficult of data without insight, which is a recurring issue in the BI space.

You're right, anyone can take data and use it for their own ends. BUT, data that is collected in a designed and systematic fashion, that is analysed in a transparent and robust manner and this whole process is communicated clearly - that is another story. Then you don't have data, you have information.

The decision remains, however, a distinctly human process.

Further ramblings that may be of interest: Symbolix - data vs. dogma http://bit.ly/EMcn

Interested to know how the talk goes.

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