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Friday, September 11, 2009


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Nice xD But it may Nice xD But it may be I'm having a deja-vu, or that eatser trip video me up worse than I thought, but this video has been uploaded before hasn't it? (like last year? maybe last 1.april?)


Intelligence is one thing, whereas edticuaon is other. Yes, one could be intelligent by born but one has to suffer from a kind of confusion to apply one's intelligence everywhere since one is not educated or literate. It's not fair to say that formal edticuaon corrupts natural intelligence rather any study makes the intelligence sharp & makes the concerned person more confident. Farmers of my country are illiterate 80% yet they have that much intelligence to grow grains of different types. It's really a wonder to see their sense of seasons', the exact time of cultivation & way of harvesting manually! Even some highly educated agriculturists fail to move with them! But at a time, the so-called intelligent farmers fail to some situations when the brain or theory of an expert is necessary!References :

Amit Kumar

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On the pricing front, our product is the lowest priced software in its category and typical entry level pricing would be just under A$ 10,000 for small and mid-size organizations. We pride in not generating any consultancy or professional services work on the back of our Business Intelligence tool, which is what drives the total cost of ownership of these products for most of the similar products in the market, keeping it at bare minimum.

Some of the software in the same category mention that they can get their software up and running in days, let users create dashboards in hours and reports in minutes, we have been actually doing that since last 10 years in reality in Europe and other Asia Pacific countries and entered the Australian market in real sense only 3-4 months back.

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