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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


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and Google Analytics integration. However, to copmnesate for the lack of GA integration, they have developed their own analytics that can track the viral nature of Retweets as they spread throughout Twitter. While I appreciate


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Thanks for the feedback and additional insight Sam.

I hope that bwired keeps on developing RISE as I think this sort of service will be very useful to Australian companies. As I said in the blog - no one else does this locally so all credit goes to you guys for standing out from the crowd. A more feature rich RISE will also be a great way to attract new clients to bwired.



Sam Saltis

# | by Sam Saltis on August 13 2009, 00:59
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your feedback on our RISE competitive analysis tool.

We offer this tool as a way for current and potential customers to make a preliminary assessment of their current website performance. Our strategy consultants generally use this tool as a first step. It’s not intended to be a stand-alone tool. It simply offers a means for comparison, and a guide for future direction.

We’re currently progressing the RISE model to provide tool tip examples and more detailed reporting including graphical representation of results to assist users with interpretation, and tailored suggestions for improvement based on percentages scored in each area under analysis. Fundamentally though, the results will still be based on information entered by the user and we’re still looking at the tool as part of our strategy development process.



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