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Sunday, July 19, 2009


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"Rhona Mitra can replace Kate Beckinsale anaydy"No way! Hahaha!To be honest, I wasn't a fan of the first two films either. The story was shallow and so was the dialogue. I only watched it to see Kate Beckinsale in action. Now that she's not starring in this one, you can guess what I'm not going to do. :D


one of the band wrote a song about himself and a guy that had cacenr very related to this song, they met him before he died and kind of gave him this song. so the song is about the guy on the weelchair in the video


Thanks for commenting Vijay and Vincent.

GizaPage is working nicely for myself as I learn how to use it.

Good point about the tone of conversations. I was thinking that this is ok in the planned über community as long as you clearly label the source (social network) of the comment.

You made me think further. It could make for some very unnatural sounding über conversations. Maybe you will get the online equivalent of an opera singer, a rapper and a Mongolian throat singer all trying to communicate. Would it really be a coherent conversation?

Then again, the communities I am trying to build are domain specific:

- an analytics community (most of us can't talk coherently anyway ;-)

- a community of classical music lovers.

Neither community is likely to attract large numbers of rappers or Mongolian throat singers!

I think I've taken this analogy far enough ...

Vincent McBurney

I find it interesting in the different tone of conversation in different social media networks. Obviously things like Twitter are kind of short and lacking in detail. Digg comment threads can be impersonal, juvenile and rude. Forum threads tend to revolve around questions and answers and can be kind of technical. I like Blog comment threads as you can get input from regular readers. More personal and respectful.

Which social network uber tools generate the best online conversations?

Vijay Rayapati

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