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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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I would think it would be better if all VA mecadil facilities worked together not trying to out due each other. From all my research I belive I have hyperaldosteronism But my VA doesn't understand how to test or treat it I can't get the help I need. I do kow there is at least one VA mecadil center that teaches what it is and how to treat it. Why can't they teach other va's what it is and how to treat it.


Victor: Instead of writing a book I cretaed WASP a few years back. More recently I offered a first iteration of the for free. I'm back from a European tour where I gathered additional field data from practitioners and consultants... something is cooking! :)


As Ajay quotes in his blog:

Thomas Wailgum in News captures the reasons why the gut still reigns supreme . Here is what he says: “So why is the gut still so in vogue? Of those respondents who said their companies still make decisions based on judgment rather than business analytics, 61 percent said it was because good data was not available, and just over half (55 percent) said their decisions relied on qualitative and subjective factors. Other reasons related to workforce challenges: 23 percent of respondents said "insufficient quantitative skills in employees" were a main impediment at their company, and 36 percent said their company "faces a shortage of analytical talent." That 61 percent of respondents said "no good data was available on which to make decisions" is striking, given the terabytes of internal and customer-related data available at most organizations today. It's also, of course, indicative of the sad state of data management inside organizations.”


Hi Ajay, Thanks for the mention and pointing me to your blog. I agree with your point about embedding analytics in process.

In my view, decision makers must be the main users of business analytics - not just a special department of analytic experts.



Very interesting comment! I have also looked at it from another perspective at my blog on:

I have taken the liberty of referring to your comments on my blog too!

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