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Thursday, May 21, 2009


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I have Been seeing this feautre more and more recently on individual sites. However it does seem to get the most attention on the Google Search Results Page, maybe because the other sites have the more popular social sharing options like the Tweet and Like button . But like you mentioned it is still new and will probably continue to grow and become more popular with time. It should be interesting to see how the +1 feautre will affect Search Engine Optimization and Google's Ranking Algorithm.

James Beresford

None of those above rules are even remotely controversial, but the number of companies that "get" managing their staff is miniscule. Far too many employers are still suffering from the delusion that an adequate salary is all you need to motivate people, and loathe to spend additional cash to try and get their staff more motivated.

As for their "people leaving" algorithm - it's no big deal. We people are not as unique and unpredictable as we like to think.

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