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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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Hi all,A few folks on this thread exseprsed concern about Google Analytics accuracy suffering as a result of the new opt-out. And I wanted to give everyone a few more details because we fully believe our reports will continue to offer the same level of value and accuracy our users have come to expect. Though we don't know how many people will eventually opt-out, if you compare this with similar features I think it's safe to assume only a miniscule fraction of users will probably choose to do so. One example is our . Of the millions and millions of users, we've seen maybe tens of thousands of users visit the site every week. And of those select users, only 1 person out of 15 who visit actually opts out. We want to provide users with the option to opt-out where appropriate, but we will still work to ensure Google Analytics remains the best product it can be.For those that are interested, here's an that offers some additional commentary. -Brian Richardson, Google

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