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Oz Analytics is my personal blog and I use it to reflect what I'm doing in my professional life - and maybe also a bit of what I'd like to be doing.

I am an analyst and also founder of semantic software start-up Six Degrees Of Data.

Prior to this I was the Head of Analytics and Information Management at News Corp and Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics at ING DIRECT Australia. I have also held senior roles around the world at IAG, AMP, Citigroup, ABN AMRO Bank, National Westminster Bank and start-up Information Innovation.

I have a Master of Business Administration, in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology from the Theseus International Management Institute and French Grand Ecole School EDHEC. I also have a Postgraduate Degree in Information Science and Operations Research, from Canberra University and a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University.

I'm a regular conference speaker on business intelligence, information management and data quality, and some articles about me in the news are:

  • "Data quality should be tested regularly", Experian QAS News, April 2011
  • "SAP Lands 1-2 Punch: Targets Industry, Needs With Business Analytics And Expertise", SAP News, Santa Clara, Calif. - September, 2010
  • Oz Analytics - Featured Blogger, SmartData Collective, August 2009
  • “Reliable data clears bank's vision” The Australian, March 2009
  • “ING Direct redesign extends to open source mash-ups” IT Wire, October 2008
  • “Data Deluge Coming” The Australian, June 2007
  • “Make IT Pervasive” MIS Asia, March 2007
  • “CRM Gets Sexy” MIS Australia, December 2006
  • “New Breed Of Executive To Drive Data Revenues” MIS Asia, November 2006
  • “Power Of Pervasion – Making The Most Of Your Information Assets” MIS Australia, November 2006
  • “Sharper Tools Help To Cut An Advantage” The Australian, October 2006
  • “Visualising Company Data” Information World Review, November 2001
  • “Linux: Technology Fit For The Enterprise”, October 2001
  • “Envisioning Business” Industry Standard Magazine (US), April 2001
  • “New Opportunities Or Exposed Weaknesses – What Changes Will A US Recession Bring To Banking?” The Banker (UK), March 2001
  • “Unravelling Spaghetti - The Banker Presents a New Way Of Looking at the Structures of Major European Banks” The Banker (UK), March 2001
  • “Visualisation Realized” Information World Review, December 2000
  • “Euromoney Website Of The Month” Corporate Finance (UK), November 2000
  • “Keeping Pace With Change” Scenario & Strategy Planning Magazine (US), August/September 2000
  • “Goldridge Facilite la Veille Concurrentielle” Journal Dunet (France), May 2000
  • “Intelligence Tool Tracks Competition” Banking Technology, April, 2000
  • “And Let Predators Die” Knowledge Management, April 2000
  • “Ein Klick sagt mehr als 1000 Worte” Computerwoche (Germany), March 2000
  • “Company's Web-Based Tool Helps Chart the Competition” Wall Street Journal Europe, March 2000

Conference Presentations (sample):

  • “Black Ops and Real Life Analytics", eMetrics/IAPA National Conference, June 2013
  • “Corporate Analytics - A Survival Guide", Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, March 2012
  • “Getting support for governance and data quality”, Data Quality 2011 Asia Pacific Congress, Sydney, 28th - 30th March 2011
  • "The Intelligence Future: Simple, Seamless, Social, and Strategic", ‘BI Perspective 2011; next generation data warehousing’ conference, Seoul Feb 16th 2011
  • Conference Chair, Mastering SAP BusinessObjects 2010, Melbourne, 31 May - 2 June 2010
  • "Decision Mashup Strategies" DW 2.0 Asia Pacific Summit, 27-29 October 2009
  • "Business Intelligence Investment Strategies" Mastering Business Intelligence with SAP 2009, 19 - 20 October 2009
  • Chair, “Business Objects Round Table”, 14 October 2009
  • “Business and Information” University of Technology Sydney, IT Strategy Lecture, MBA in IT Management, May 2009
  • “Crystal Ball Gazing” Managing Business Objects Annual Conference, May 2009
  • “Death By Data” Insurance Innovation Forum, May 2009
  • “Enterprise Data Management – A Case Study In Community Ownership” 4th Annual Asia-Pacific MDM Forum, April 2009
  • “A Practical Approach To Data Quality” Data Quality Asia Pacific 2009, March 2009
  • “Data Quality Measurement” Financial Services Information Management Forum, March 2009
  • “Enterprise Data Management” Gartner Business Intelligence and Information Management Summit, February 2009
  • “Forecasting First Steps” Institute of Analytic Professionals of Australia Forecasting Special Interest Group, December 2008
  • “Competing On Analytics” BankTech.08 - 9th Annual Banking Technology Summit, September 2008
  • “Lessons From The Frontline” Australian Computer Society Business Intelligence Special Interest Group, August 2008
  • “Evolving into Performance Management (PM) with a mobile and dashboard platform” 9th Business Intelligence Summit, July 2008