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Oz Analytics is my personal blog and I use it to reflect what I'm doing in my professional life - and maybe also a bit of what I'd like to be doing.

I am an analyst in the sense of being involved in the development of business insight based on innovative methods to get computers to understand people. This covers understanding what people do (their actions and behaviours) as well as what they record (using the written word). Currently I am founder of semantic software start-up Six Degrees Of Data.

Prior to this I was the Head of Analytics and Information Management at News Corp and Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics at ING DIRECT Australia. I have also held senior roles around the world at IAG, AMP, Citigroup, ABN AMRO Bank, National Westminster Bank and start-up Information Innovation.

I have a Master of Business Administration, in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology from the Theseus International Management Institute and French Grand Ecole School EDHEC. I also have a Postgraduate Degree in Information Science and Operations Research, from Canberra University and a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University.

I'm a regular conference speaker on business intelligence, information management and data quality, and some articles about me in the news are:

  • "Data quality should be tested regularly", Experian QAS News, April 2011
  • "SAP Lands 1-2 Punch: Targets Industry, Needs With Business Analytics And Expertise", SAP News, Santa Clara, Calif. - September, 2010
  • Oz Analytics - Featured Blogger, SmartData Collective, August 2009
  • “Reliable data clears bank's vision” The Australian, March 2009
  • “ING Direct redesign extends to open source mash-ups” IT Wire, October 2008
  • “Data Deluge Coming” The Australian, June 2007
  • “Make IT Pervasive” MIS Asia, March 2007
  • “CRM Gets Sexy” MIS Australia, December 2006
  • “New Breed Of Executive To Drive Data Revenues” MIS Asia, November 2006
  • “Power Of Pervasion – Making The Most Of Your Information Assets” MIS Australia, November 2006
  • “Sharper Tools Help To Cut An Advantage” The Australian, October 2006
  • “Visualising Company Data” Information World Review, November 2001
  • “Linux: Technology Fit For The Enterprise”, October 2001
  • “Envisioning Business” Industry Standard Magazine (US), April 2001
  • “New Opportunities Or Exposed Weaknesses – What Changes Will A US Recession Bring To Banking?” The Banker (UK), March 2001
  • “Unravelling Spaghetti - The Banker Presents a New Way Of Looking at the Structures of Major European Banks” The Banker (UK), March 2001
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  • “Euromoney Website Of The Month” Corporate Finance (UK), November 2000
  • “Keeping Pace With Change” Scenario & Strategy Planning Magazine (US), August/September 2000
  • “Goldridge Facilite la Veille Concurrentielle” Journal Dunet (France), May 2000
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  • “And Let Predators Die” Knowledge Management, April 2000
  • “Ein Klick sagt mehr als 1000 Worte” Computerwoche (Germany), March 2000
  • “Company's Web-Based Tool Helps Chart the Competition” Wall Street Journal Europe, March 2000

Conference Presentations (sample):

  • “Black Ops and Real Life Analytics", eMetrics/IAPA National Conference, June 2013
  • “Corporate Analytics - A Survival Guide", Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, March 2012
  • “Getting support for governance and data quality”, Data Quality 2011 Asia Pacific Congress, Sydney, 28th - 30th March 2011
  • "The Intelligence Future: Simple, Seamless, Social, and Strategic", ‘BI Perspective 2011; next generation data warehousing’ conference, Seoul Feb 16th 2011
  • Conference Chair, Mastering SAP BusinessObjects 2010, Melbourne, 31 May - 2 June 2010
  • "Decision Mashup Strategies" DW 2.0 Asia Pacific Summit, 27-29 October 2009
  • "Business Intelligence Investment Strategies" Mastering Business Intelligence with SAP 2009, 19 - 20 October 2009
  • Chair, “Business Objects Round Table”, 14 October 2009
  • “Business and Information” University of Technology Sydney, IT Strategy Lecture, MBA in IT Management, May 2009
  • “Crystal Ball Gazing” Managing Business Objects Annual Conference, May 2009
  • “Death By Data” Insurance Innovation Forum, May 2009
  • “Enterprise Data Management – A Case Study In Community Ownership” 4th Annual Asia-Pacific MDM Forum, April 2009
  • “A Practical Approach To Data Quality” Data Quality Asia Pacific 2009, March 2009
  • “Data Quality Measurement” Financial Services Information Management Forum, March 2009
  • “Enterprise Data Management” Gartner Business Intelligence and Information Management Summit, February 2009
  • “Forecasting First Steps” Institute of Analytic Professionals of Australia Forecasting Special Interest Group, December 2008
  • “Competing On Analytics” BankTech.08 - 9th Annual Banking Technology Summit, September 2008
  • “Lessons From The Frontline” Australian Computer Society Business Intelligence Special Interest Group, August 2008
  • “Evolving into Performance Management (PM) with a mobile and dashboard platform” 9th Business Intelligence Summit, July 2008